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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PST

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i saw him in the hospital because he was diagnosed with lung cancer. i told him if you go to heaven will you remember me? my client said, mr. wong i will always remember you. next day i received a call from the hospital. he passed away. so as of today i still remember what he said to me the last day he saw me. thank you. >> thank you, any questions? seeing none, thank you. next person u lash did unlap. >> hello. there are many reasons i want to join the board. my professional advocacy will serve on the board in our community.
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i'm a licensed family therapist and school counselor. my journey in terms of my personal experience. my parents were born in africa. we are immigrants that moved from africa to london in the civil war. we are a very working class family that didn't have access to message health services. so my life goal has always been to represent the under represented communities. i have been here for 11 years as a resident. i have provided here for 8 years mental health services and my passion is working with adolescence because early prevention and promotion is key to helping our youth become adults and become having the coping skills. i worked at galileo hospital with the latino community i work really closely with specifically
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undocumented students and families. that is my passion and asian american community here in san francisco because i feel they are not represented. they are stereotyped. the community i was working with in san francisco in the community they have access to no resources. that is the experience i bring and also a teach now. i left in august to teach. i teach at the right institute in berkeley and san francisco state university as adjunct. my goal to switch jobs is i want to work with the students so that i cannot only everyday in my class multi- culturalism and social justice and advocacy is the key that's what i bring today because they are going to be our future counselors. i'm going to keep it short and sweet. i know my time is almost up. i advocate and i'm also very
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passionate as you can tell, but i have also worked with the national association and i have advocated to reduce stigma. stigma is huge and shame. and i have worked with a lot of organizations to provide information. i was also one of the board members to work with south asian americans and to reduce stigma and work that south american asians have real issues. i want to support our undocumented students and families. i have done a lot of research in working with the latino communities and i want to bring that to the board, i also noticed on the board there is diverse but not someone who brings this array. i do want to advocate for our homeless youth in the san francisco
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unified school district and how do we help them. thank you for listening to me. >> thank you. i guess no questions. any public comments on this item? >> how issue, maslow. this person created the problem that tragedy force of social everything since the established of psychology sigmund freud, i was in the library reading this and it's intuition just to compute for good reason to
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create further, unable of intuition because it's not the intuition can be superior it's one of true self in holy practice that can be superior also upon the way of pushing people of the way of difficulty. a life of difficulties, pain, defeated only to work hard upon practice. solely for the practice because before their time we may not know. there is a couple of things. if i don't see how do i know.
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>> hi. >> is there a translator in the room? [ foreign language ] >> i'm a member from a senior center.
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>> i want to recommend our director mr. wong because i really appreciate that mr. wong's work is good with the seniors and mr. wong always takes care of oh you -- our seniors and
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i want to take an example for instance he let us go to the restroom and the restrooms were so dirty but mr. wong really cared about the dirty things and sometimes he even cleaned up the restroom in person and really appreciate his work and taking this for consideration. i really recommend mr. wong. and another example is that
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we have our senior that has cancer and he lives by himself. he's a lonely person and mr. wong takes care of that person and everybody in the senior center say very good for him. so that's the reason why i recommend mr. wong. and sometimes we see doctors and we live in apartments and mr. wong makes an appointment for seniors
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and this is why i will say good for mr. wong. i think that's it. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, sir. i'm a flip everybody can tenant center and they don't have any discrimination in their hearts like other citizens. so i'm very glad that there is a golden gate center where i was able to
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walk again. i'm now 84 years old and i can still walk after i have broken my two knees. thank you very much for telling them their center is very nice. no discrimination is being practiced there. thank you very much. >> thank you for coming. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. thanks for the public for coming out to make comments on this item. and i also want to thank the applicants. again i want to thank mr. porfido for his comments and just to be clear you have withdrawn from this particular item. so, colleagues, what are your
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thoughts? it's a tough one. supervisor tang? >>supervisor katy tang: thank you so much for speaking. i have not made up my mind. i really like these candidates here especially want to speak to mr. benny wong and ulash and did unlap. mr. benny wong i know that working with the chinese community is very important and i know that is the district that i represent and we have mostly seniors and they may not feel as comfortable in obtaining services and seeking help. ms. did you lap you working with young individuals is important because when you start early with the
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youth they will grow up healthy. i wish that we could appoint both of them but i think they are both up for seat 15. i would be eager to hear from our colleagues. >>supervisor norman yee: supervisors campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you very much. i want to thank the applicants. mr. porfido, i look forward to hearing from you when the consumer seat becomes available. i think you will be a great fit for that and i certainly think that debra hardy will make a great addition to the body. i will say that i will support that. in terms of beeney wong, u lash is tough because they each bring something unique. what i would say both of them before we make a decision is that anytime there is more applicants than
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seats, we always encourage the person who doesn't get the appointment to please continue to be involved because the fact is that seats, people come off these seats from time to time and most of the people that end up getting appointed is people who have gone through the process a number of times. the fact that you are not selected is in no way indicating that we think you are amazing, it's just a question of timing. i think either one of them would be great. to be honest for me given where the needs are in the city right now especially with the influx of undocumented youth coming in and issues around youth and because there is no south asian on the committee, i would be probably tip the
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scale a little bit on the side of u lash dunne lap. not because mr. wong isn't the choice, it's because of the need. i'm making a motion that we move forward debra hardy for seat 13 and dunne lap for seat 15. >>supervisor norman yee: basically i concur with your statements. the two candidates for seat no. 15 are excellent candidates. it's times like this where i wish i weren't sitting here having to make these decisions because you are both good candidates that would make a really great member for this. i just wished we had more than one slot for you guys, but we
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don't and we have to make these decisions. and i want to reemphasize that whoever is not selected please continue to stay active and look for the opening for next time because i have seen quite a few people get selected a second time around. so there is a motion on the floor. are there any objections? seeing none, the motion carries. so it's seat no. 13 to ms. hardy and no. 15 to ms. dunne lap. thank you very much. this item is now closed. madam clerk, i would like to ask commission from my colleagues to skip three for now and go to item
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4 because item 3, oh, i didn't see you. never mind. we are going to item no. 3. city clerk: [environment code - revising the urban forestry council composition and meeting requirements] sponsor: wiener ordinance amending the environment code to revise the composition and meeting schedule requirements for the urban city clerk: sf 31234 >>supervisor norman yee: okay, mr. franklin, do you want to come up and say a few words. >> i will just mention, for scott wiener the sponsor of this ordinance. the supervisor is carrying the ordinance as a request for council after they deliberated on this topic and passed the resolution looking at changing their enact their bylaws and guidelines to be able to function. mayling from the department
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of the environment provides staff support for the council and a little bit of background on the orbs >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm mayling wei from the department. i think this is in your packet, the resolution to council? good. i brought copies in case. the council pass aid resolution earlier this year requesting some amends and also a meeting schedule to lineup with their bylaws and some longstanding vacancies they have had on the council. they have had two seats vacant for a long time and they want to see all of their members be voting members. in the past all of the members were voting members and this will be changing back to early yes
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council membership make-up. so i'm happy to answer any questions you have and also i believe dan, the chair of the council is here as well. >>supervisor norman yee: no questions. mr. flan igan would you like to make some comments. >> good afternoon, supervisors, thank you for listening to this issue. i'm the chair of urban forestry council. we had to be relevant and we needed the right people on the council. the council fully endorses the changes we are making now. it didn't make sense that some departments were voting and some were not voting. and we are going to where it was first formed. this is endorsed by every member of
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the council as well as public members and the non-voting members. we do feel our role is to advise you the supervisors and the mayor on issues that surnd the urban forest. in order to do that we wanted to have the best people available on the council. it's hard to get folks to show up to a council meeting if you don't have a vote. that did happen and we want to address that issue. if you have any questions, i would love to answer them. >>supervisor norman yee: if someone can just highlight some more in terms of what's changed in terms of -- would you point out which would be the voting. >> you want to know what the changes are? >> just so the public knows. >> for the meeting schedule the council code says they have to meet every month, meet monthly.
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typically the council meets between 6-11 times and they have committee meetings that they meet regularly. the request is that they meet six times per year and the next is the membership. currently they have 15 members which six of public agency staff and the remainder either placed by the nominated by the board of supervisors and mayor's office. all the board of supervisors have voting status and two are the departmental governance has voting status as well. all members have the voting status. the four public agencies that do not have voting status now would have voting status. >> which are the four you are talking about? >> the ones that vote now are
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the planning department and public works. the ones that don't have voting is the public utilities commission, the gold national gate recreation area and the last one is is redevelopment. redevelopment has been vacant since the resolution of the redevelopment agency. it requested that those four members become voting members and changed the redevelopment seat to port authority seat and ggnra seat but if it does not provide a member that allows the presidio trust. >> thank you very much for the summary. supervisors, any questions? seeing none, okay. any public comments on this item? on this item.
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focus >> something to containment a connection to the higher level >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, thoughts? supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you
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for coming forward. i would like to move this forward with a positive recommendation. >>supervisor norman yee: the changes that you are making seems to be straight forward and i'm glad you are doing this. there was a motion. any objection to the motion. it passes. thank you very much. madam clerk, item no. 4. city clerk: [administrative code - catastrophic illness programs] ordinance amending the administrative code to authorize the department of public health to designate another city department to carry out various functions in the administration of the catastrophic illness program for city employees and the catastrophic illness program for family members of city employees. public health departmenttcity clerk: [administrative code - catastrophic illness programs] ordinance amending the administrative code to authorize the department of public health to designate another city department to carry out various functions in the administration of the catastrophic illness program for city employees and the catastrophic illness program for family members of city employees. public health departmentt city clerk: [administrative code - catastrophic illness programs] ordinance amending the administrative code to authorize the
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department of public health to designate another city department to carry out various functions in the administration of the catastrophic illness program for city employees and the catastrophic illness program for family members of city employees. public health departmentt >> 1234 okay. ron. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm had -- the human resources director for the department and i have laura marshall, senior performance analyst with the office of the controller. i have two staff who perform these services daily. this is a project that the department began with the controllers office in dhr in 2012 to improve the catastrophic billy program. they have come up with a solution that makes the department of public health to relegate the administrative functions and there is some things that the department of public health and release program that is not a strength for us. i have these other staff with me if we have some specific questions or if you want some details. it's a way to shift the responsibilities to dhr where it is a
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strong point. we would like to keep the responsibility with the medical director thomas aragon. >> i just have a quick question. i'm glad we have this type of program in san francisco. i'm just curious, do you know how often this is being utilized? >> we do have some figures on that susan, do you want to jump in here. it's quite a volume. it talks about 35 members per month approximately. 25 new applications a month and we deny about 7. so quite a volume. >> great. thanks. any other questions? okay. thank you. any public comments on this item? is there any additional
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public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues? supervisor tang? >>supervisor katy tang: i think this makes complete sense. i would be happy to forward this to the full board for recommendation. >> any more discussion? this item passes. >> madam clerk, item 5 5-14. >> city clerk: litigated claims. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues is there a motion to convene in closed session? so moved. >> with no objection, a motion is
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>> committees can i have a motion to not disclose? >> so moved. >> motion is passed. madam clerk, is there anything else on our agenda? >> that concludes the business for today. >> if there is nothing further, then we are adjourned. thank you very much. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>
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>> if you are interested in our local city government and would like to work with 18 other enthusiastic citizens committed to improving its operations, i encoura


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